Sing for Her

an interactive megaphone
connecting communities
through music

Hong Kong is a multicultural society. People of different origins - from Filipino domestic helpers to new immigrants from Mainland China, from African asylum seekers to descendants of Gurkha soldiers - live in this metropolis. However, many migrant workers and ethnic minorities remain marginalized politically, economically, and culturally.

Zheng Bo worked with seven communities in Hong Kong to record songs that they are proud of, at locations where they usually congregate.

The public installation, in the form of a giant megaphone, broadcasts songs of migrant workers and ethnic minorities in Tsim Sha Tsui, a major hub visited by thousands of tourists and locals everyday.

It is also a karaoke system. Visitors are invited to sing along, learning songs from communities who are usually unheard.

Tsim Sha Tsui
9am to 9pm
till 29 May 2016
commissioned by
Hong Kong Museum of Art

Zheng Bo

project team
Jessica Tsui
Huang Chen

initial programming
Ushi Daigo

Singard Engineering Co
Wong Yu Ching
Wong Siu Tsuen
Wong Alphonsus
Tao Yee Chow
Zhou Guo Xiang
Lo Kee Bun

structural engineer
Anson Wong

interactive system
Yuco Lab
Kwan Ng
Joseph Chan
Duo Tam
Chun Chan

audio recording-mixing
Cui Daquan
Vincent Ip

special thanks to
Amy Cheng
Bao Choy
Bernadette Mok
Cam Wong
Chang Tsong-zung
Chen Yun
Cui Daquan
Du Ting
Eve Tam
Gao Shiming
Gao Shiqiang
Garry Luk
Gloria Ng
Hoi-wah Mak
Ivy Lin
Leo Tang
Maria Mok
Mira Chan
Miron Kumar Bhowmik
Vivian Wong
West Heavens Project
YC Chen